What is this?

I’m building an ambitious research-oriented writing environment — with native and web user interfaces: macOS and iOS and web first, someday hopefully also Windows.

This is an absurdly ambitious goal, because it includes a lot of pieces that all have to work together:

If you’re in the market for that kind of ambitious app, sign up and I’ll tell you when I have something to show you.

How far along is this?

I’m currently working hard on breaking down two distinct parts of the basic application design: the information architecture (which will ultimately drive the user interface design) and the user experience (which is a superset of visual UI elements and flow and usability and so on). I’m working closely with a small handful of trusted friends to hash out how the application should behave at a high level.

I’m also working out the application implementation architecture. I’ve been dreaming up this app for almost four years, and the goal has always been: native UIs as well as a web UI. But the dream is also cross-platform. There will be a Rust core backing those native and web UIs; the front-ends will be in Swift and Elm (and, hopefully someday, F♯).

Who is building this?

I’m Chris Krycho, a detail-obsessed software engineer. I’ve worked on everything from real-time avionics software to sophisticated web apps — including some you’ve certainly seen and probably used.

I freely admit that this is a bigger project than anything I’ve worked on individually before. That’s okay: I have a knack for picking up hard problems and getting them solved, even when I start out with no idea what I’m doing.

When can I get it?

I have no idea: I’m just getting going, and there’s a lot to build! The best way to keep up with my progress is to sign up for the mailing list!